Steve’s Pest Control

Steve’s Pest Control Inc. is located in Holts Summit, MO, United States and is a part of the Exterminating & Pest Control Services industry. Steve’s Pest Control Inc. has 13 full-time employees across its four locations and produces $1.50 million (USD) in annual revenue (USD). The company was started in 1986 by Mr. Steve Chard. He created the business when he realized the need for pest control services in the Midwest region of America.

The company’s name was inspired by the story about a boy who wanted to rid his yard of all pests and decided to create a sound jingle that would help people remember his company. Mr. Steve’s Pest Control has gone through many changes and name changes but has remained on its main mission of offering great service with a smile. The jingle is an example of how the pest control company goes about advertising their services and their products. The jingle emphasizes the fact that Pests Can’t Get Away! is true and that Pests Can’t Live in Your Yard.

One of the company’s main promotional campaigns, released in May of 2021, was a commercial that showed a man removing black flies from an effort. The commercial featured several different models of the “Pest Control” products that the man was using along with an effort with a “No Fly Zapper.” The effort was a very strong selling point because it highlighted the fact that Pests Can’t Get Away!

The jingle for the “No Fly Zapper” was similar to the one that was featured on the “No Fly Zapper” poster. A man, whose voice over the phone was identified as Steve, would be placed over the phone by a pest control company representative and would strategically place the “Zapper” over mefford after placing the Meford Magnet on the effort. When the magnet was placed, it would attract the “No Fly Zapper.” People would call the pest control company with concerns and inquiries and then, when they were satisfied the “Zapper” was effective, they could safely remove the black fly with the “No Fly Zapper” attached to their effort.

However, the jingle and the product line did not impress everyone. The National Association of House Cleaners and Home Inspectors released a strongly worded criticism of the Steve’s Pest Control jingle. According to this group, the jingle “misrepresents” pest control as well as “misleads” consumers into thinking that pest control is a simple household service that they can take on themselves. They further accused the brand of “easy prey” and “pushing an agenda.” This group felt that there needed to be a more comprehensive discussion of the problems associated with the Steve’s brand name.

In an effort to reach out to the NAR, Steve’s Pest stated that they had taken several factors into consideration before coming up with the commercial. The main thing they had to do was change the jingle. Instead of saying “the house is ready for the pest control company,” they suggested the phrase, “it’s ready for the PEST Team.” Additionally, they suggested renaming the brand to better represent the nature of their services. Finally, they changed the color scheme from red and black to green, blue and white, to better represent the environment that the consumer’s home or business would be exposed too.

As with any reputation management campaign, this particular issue did not help the brand. The National Association of House Cleaners and Home Inspectors, and several consumer groups, did not find the jokes humorous. Many of them sent cease-fire letters to the company demanding that they stop using the phrase, and sell the product under a different name. Others called the NAR and demanded that the company withdraw their membership.

Despite the furor, Steve’s Pest continues to rake in millions of dollars annually. Other brands like Archer Pest, Driclor, and Eureka are scrambling to come up with new slogans to replace the one that has been discontinued. On the bright side, consumers are not likely to turn their nose up at the brand name. In fact, according to the BBB, the brand name has been on the market for close to 20 years, which is one of the longest operating names in pest control.