Joshua’s Pest Control

Joshua’s Pest Control is a pest business that provides pest control services for apartment dwellers, commercial property owners, mobile home owners and small property owners. Joshua’s Pest Control is licensed by the State of California and is one of the leading pest companies in Southern California. It is a division of Management Services Corporation (MSC). It was founded in 1976 by John C. Joshua. It is focused on providing comprehensive pest control services to clients in the San Diego-La Jolla area of Southern California.

Joshua’s Pest Control Company is well known for its services to the San Diego community. Its technicians provide a great job with qualified and experienced individuals who know what they are doing. They provide customer service and value to their customers. The customer service representatives of this pest company will always be available to answer your questions about any aspect of pest control. The technicians of Joshua’s Pest Control are happy to help you with your pest issues.

The atmosphere that is created at the headquarters of Joshua’s Pest Control in San Diego is relaxed yet professional. The office staff and pest control technicians exude a friendly hospitality that makes you feel comfortable and at home. The atmosphere is designed with the traveler in mind, with offices located throughout the greater San Diego area and their knowledge of popular tourist attractions adding to customer service. Most offices even offer free shuttle service to customers within the city.

Many residents of San Diego and the rest of California have referred to Joshua’s Pest Control as a pest control heaven because of their Earth Bag system. It has been named the number one best selling system in the United States by pest control professionals. The earth bags catch bed bugs and dust mites before they enter your home so you do not have to worry about these pesky critters destroying expensive artwork or antique furniture.

When it comes to the Earth Bag system, there is no need for a spray or any other type of dust or chemical treatment because it works quickly. Even if you do use a dust or spray on your belongings, the Earth Bag will absorb the chemicals so you do not have to worry about them ending up in the air where they can be carried around by people. The pest control company can assist you in finding the best places for placement of the Earth Bags and can give you advice on how many to place in your home and which areas of the home will benefit from the treatment.

Your peace of mind is guaranteed when you choose to deal with a pest control company that employs the latest and most advanced pest management techniques. Joshua’s Pest Management prides itself on using eco-friendly pest control products and services to keep you free from pests and ensure the health and safety of your family. If you would like to learn more about how eco friendly products and services can help you get rid of bugs, dust, and insects, visit Joshua’s Pest Management website today. You will not regret the decision to make this green choice.