Home Team Pest Defense

Home Team Pest Defense is the nation’s third largest home based pest control firm and has over 50 local branch locations across the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Mid-Central & West states. The company also has three international offices that service the pest control industry worldwide. The International Office has been opened in Belize, Mexico and Costa Rica since 1993. It also has local offices in California, Maryland, Illinois, Wyoming and Utah. The pest management technicians are all trained together in the company’s Pest Management training programs and take extra special courses on how to deal with and prevent bed bugs and cockroaches from infesting your home or commercial location.

Home Team Pest Defense offers a full range of services including: home team pest defense for landlords, residential customers and commercial businesses, including inspections and testing. It’s a great company for anyone who wants to protect their family from bed bug bites and other insects that can be destructive to your health and well being. It’s an inexpensive option compared to other pest control companies, yet gives you the very best results. You can get rid of roaches and ants as well as prevent them from coming back.

The pest extermination technicians at Home Team Pest Defense are experts in providing excellent customer service. They will treat your home or commercial location in the most cost effective way for your needs. You can call to schedule an appointment just a few minutes away if you need an inspection or treatment as soon as possible. With the proper treatment, you can get rid of bugs and other insects that can cause major damage to your property.

Another way in which this pest control company can help you is by helping you save money. They offer a fair and reasonable rate for their services because they want to make sure they only apply the safest and most effective methods on their clients’ homes. They don’t have many marketing expenses so they’re able to pass savings on to their customers. They also have a nationwide network of expert pest exterminators on hand, so if your local area isn’t receiving the services that you need, no problem, they’ll be able to move to give your establishment the attention it needs.

The team of professionals at this pest removal company know exactly how to get rid of bugs in your home. They will take precautions to avoid hurting you and your family while eradicating these insects and pests from your home. You can relax and enjoy life in your own home while they work to get rid of the bugs that are causing problems in your neighborhood. You can contact the company online for a free inspection and even schedule a consultation to see what they can do for you. It’s a simple process that don’t require a lot of time, but one that will result in the elimination of bugs and the prevention of new ones entering your home.

It’s important to have pest control around the clock, especially with the increase of bugs and insects that are destroying our homes. If you have pets or small children in your home, it is imperative to ensure they are properly taken care of at all times. By removing those irritating and troublesome bugs and pests that are inside of your home and around your property, you are ensuring the safety of everyone who lives there. The team of experts at The Pest Control Guys can make sure your home is bug free at all times.