Gannon Pest Control

Gannon Pest Control has been offering pest control products for years and they are probably the most highly recognized pest control company in South Florida. They offer both the residential and commercial grade Pest control products. They offer many Pest Control Services including Bed Bug Dusting, Flea & Tick Prevention, Unwanted Lice Removal, Bed Stains, Diatomaceous Earth, Dusting and a whole lot more. If you are in need of Pest Control in South Florida contact Gannon Pest Control for the best pest control service in the Miami Metro Area.

Gannon Pest Control has a very strong following with consumers who are looking for an effective flea treatment. They offer an Exterior Carpenter Ant solution that will help keep the Ants away from your house or other buildings. Exterior repellent treatments help to reduce the risk of getting an Ant infestation in your home. Gannon Pest Control also offers a granular insect treatment as well as an aerosol-based treatment.

There is another company that also offers an excellent line of Exterior Deteriorents and a Bed Bug Dusting Solution. This company is named Applied Pest Management and they also use a chemical called Temephrine. Their line of bed bug dust is also good as an alternative to traditional bug dust. They offer a central new York area service for ant and termite control that is also offered throughout Florida.

In addition to their residential services, Gannon Pest Control also offers commercial products used for reducing the problem areas of pests. Some of these products are: Dry Vacuums, Quick Tip Surfaces, Drying Agents, Sprays and Paintless Dent Removal Systems. Gannon also has a variety of commercial products that are used for various pest control applications. These products include Dry Sump Pump Bags, Garreth Spray, Draining Chutes, Stain Removal Products, and Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). These products can be found in most of the larger department stores as well as pest control specialty retailers.

If you live in Nassau County, Gannon Pest Control has a great service offering to reduce the threat of ants and other insects. Gannon offers a complete service in both residential and commercial categories. The majority of their services performed are residential. Gannon works with homeowners and businesses to remove nests of termites and to prevent future colonies from establishing. They also provide emergency services at no charge if the premises are affected by an immediate infestation. This includes all types of infestations, whether it’s a termite colony that has entered a building, a rodent or bacterial infestation.

Gannon Pest Control Services for both residential and commercial customers is provided by licensed professionals. Gannon pest control technicians are trained to look for any signs of a colony. They check for evidence of nesting, such as nesting boxes, tunnels and worker hives. They also look for carpenter bees, which are the primary predator of honey bees. If carpenter bees are found, then they will be identified and managed to ensure the colony does not become re-established.

Gannon offers their pest service technicians the best equipment and techniques to get rid of pests and keep them out of a home or commercial space. They carry a complete line of effective pest control products including sprays and powders for applying to cracks and crevices, sump pumps and duct tape for infestations on the outside of a building. They also carry delousing products for applying on cracks and crevices. Gannon pest exterminators also use heat and water-based pesticides to get rid of pests. Heat treatments kill the insects on contact and the water-based pesticides allow them to penetrate the material and reach the pupae.

Gannon pest control technicians will also inspect a home or commercial location for possible infestations and where the source of the colony may be. When inspecting for potential pest problems, Gannon uses both heat and water-based pesticides. They also use mechanical ventilation and filtering to help remove debris and prevent the building from becoming moldy. A Gannon technician can recommend alternative methods of getting rid of an existing hive without harming the environment or killing the bees.